Backward Day

Backward Day – we celebrate as the children arrive, have them walk into the room backward, and wear shirts backward.  If you usually have play time at the beginning of class then put that at the end of class, rearrange your schedule to do things in reverse. We read the easy reader story titled “Backwards Day”. The children really like this, something different for a change.

Read their favorite book (Green Eggs & Ham, etc.) backward; starting with the last page first and so on. The children know the story so well, it’ll crack ’em up to see/hear it in reverse!

Eat your snack before the “healthy” stuff. Do your normal routine in a different order.

On Backwards Day we: .call each other by our last name instead of our first. .sit on our chairs backward .lay under a table and draw on paper that is taped under the table instead of it placed the top on the table. .go up the slide instead of going down. .ride the tricycles backward. .say “Goodbye” when we come to school, say “Hello” when we leave .eat our dessert first at lunch. .sing songs/describe things or give instructions using “opposites”. .count backward.

My co-teacher and I celebrate Backward Day with the following activities. We have our children wear their clothes “inside out.” Many of them even come in with their shoes on the incorrect feet. In addition, we plan our day by going from “end to the beginning.” Whatever we normally do at the end of the day, we complete first. We put our day in reverse order. It is a nice change from the routine. For a snack, we make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We put the jelly on first, then the peanut butter. We also walk down the hallway backward.