Backward Day Snacks

Backward Day Snacks:  My son loves sandwich rolls (flour tortillas rolled with meat and cheese inside them). A neat lunch for a backward day would be to make them with the meat and cheese on the outside. Serve with a bowl of salsa that you spoon onto chips instead of dipping the chips into the salsa.

We allow (once a month) for a Backwards Day LUNCH! On any typical day, the children always start eating their proteins first and then work on any other food items and save the dessert for last. But on Backwards Day, for lunch, they get to eat their dessert first as long as they promise to eat their proteins afterward. It always works!

Make upside down cupcakes!  Bake regular cupcakes.  While they are cooling, put frosting on the bottom of paper cupcake holders.  Put the cooled cupcakes on top of the frosting.

Eat soup for breakfast and cereal for lunch!