Back To School Songs

The Wheels on the Bus

I used this with my class of nine (4 year olds) when we were in dramatic play. I used chairs from our lunch table and lined them up by twos with one in front, like you would see on a school bus, and we took turns being the bus driver and students off to school. The class had a lot of fun pretending to drive to school and unload the bus. I even had one tell the class to remember to put on their seat belts before he took off.

Two quick songs:

  1. (tune:  “100 Bottles of Pop”)

“Oh, welcome, Ms. (teacher name).

Who have you brought today?

Please won’t you introduce us

so we can sing and play?”

2. “Welcome In” (I made up my own tune, but “Twinkle, Twinkle” works)

“Welcome, welcome, welcome in.

Welcome back to school, my friends.

Welcome back to school today!

We are here to sing and play.”

(simple, but they liked it)

Tune: Father Abraham

I will use our school name for this example but you can make almost any name fit.

Hixson Thursday School has many friends.
Many friends has Hixson Thursday School.
I am one of them and so are you.
So let’s just shout hurray!
Flap your arms, nod you head, turn around, sit down, etc.(Add as many motions as you wish.)

My three year old loves to add shake your bootie!