Back To School Songs

Bring Your Smile to Preschool
Bring your smiles everyone. Hope on down for some preschool fun. Singing, dancing, playing too; lots of fun for me and you. Running and jumping in the sun, exercise is so much fun. Bring your smiles everyone, hop on down for some preschool fun.

(first few days of school song) instructions: one child stands up while song is being sung
(Where is Thumbkin tune)
where is ___name____ where is ____name____ there he/she is there he/she is how are you today sir very well I thank you sit right down , sit right down.

At the beginning of school, I took a picture of each teacher and each student. I taped them into a book and added this song (tune Farmer in the Dell) (Child’s name) is my friend, (child’s name) is my friend, Hi Ho it’s Kindergarten (child’s name) is my friend. This book was left out for free play “reading” all the time. This helped them learn the names of all the people in the room. The first time I did this I taped the picture to construction paper and stapled the pages together. The book was worn out within 2 months. Then I remade the book using a photo album. This worked much better. Then I carried this a step further, I made a book of pictures for all our school helpers; cooks, janitors, nurse, etc. This sure helped the students feel as if they knew our school personnel.

I have my Pre-K class sit in a circle. As a child walks around behind us, we sing, “A little boy (girl) went walking by, walking by, walking by. A little boy (girl) went walking, who are you?” (tune:”Mulberry Bush”) The child says his name and continues walking around the circle as we sing, “John went walking by…How are you?” John answers, “Fine, thank you.” John then sits down and another child is chosen. Later in the year, we do this game again using whole names, and with birthday and age.

The “Name Game” Gather children in a circle.
While passing around a beanbag or small ball, sing “Hello (child’s name) how are you? who is sitting next to you? The child passes to next child. child says his name. Repeat song until everyone has had a turn. This is a good way for children to learn each other’s names, especially at the beginning of the school year or whenever there are new children.