Back To School Songs

I teach two and half to three year olds and we love to sing this song at circle time. It is great for introducing new students. It goes like this:

My name’s Ms Laura, Ms Laura, Ms Laura, My name’s Ms Laura and who are you.

You then point to whomever is sitting next to you and go around the circle until everyone has said their name.

Each day when I come to school I tell someone good-bye; (wave)
I get a kiss (blow kiss) or a nice warm hug (hug yourself) and I don’t want to cry (rub eyes)
I don’t need to feel worried or sad to see them go (sad face) because there is a special thing that only I can know (point to self)
I have a kiss that I can keep and use when I feel sad, because I’ve got a “kissing hand” (kiss palm of hand) that always makes me glad!

I made up a cute song that my preschool kids had fun singing.

I like you , I like you Yes , I do , Yes , I do Friends are for sharing Friends are for caring I like you , I like you!
After singing this song a couple of times I have the children sit in pairs looking at one another. When we sing the ending part I like you , I like you the kids then shake each others hands and say : My name is ——– what can I call you. This song really helps the kids to learn to introduce themselves , and to get to know their new school friends.

I teach preschool in an elementary school. I have a morning and an afternoon class. On the very first day of school, we start the day with this song:

I sing “good morning” to the sun, (make a sun over your head w/ your hands) “good morning” to the trees, (point to a tree outside) “good morning” to my school (point downward), and to the world (open arms). “Good morning” to my teacher, (kids wave at you) “Good morning” to my friends, (they wave to each other) “Good morning” to the people I love most. (give themselves a hug) I sing “good morning, good morning” (wave continuously) to everything in sight, And now that I’m finished…. it’s time to say “good night.” (pretend to sleep)
*For my afternoon class, I change all of the “good mornings” to “hello.” This is a special way to start the day, and it is the first thing we do everyday.
To end each day…..We sing this easy song: (“Mary Had a Little Lamb”)
We are going home right now, home right now, home right now. We are going home right now, but we’ll be back tomorrow.
This song is a good transition to start the “pack up process.”