Back To School Science

At the beginning of each year, I introduce the concept of cooperation by performing this simple experiment: Gather a class supply of old, “dirty” pennies, a box of salt, and a bottle of vinegar. Tell the children you need to clean your pennies and sprinkle some salt over 2 or 3. When nothing happens, pour vinegar over a couple more. Next, mix the salt and vinegar in a pie pan, and add the pennies. Let them help stir. Voila! They will appear noticeably shinier. Talk about how the salt and vinegar worked together and ways we can work together to get things done. Depending on the age of your students (mine are kindergartners), you may wish to give each one a penny to take home, or give to parents with a note about the experiment. Also, you may want to try salt & vinegar potato chips for snack! Have a great year!!