Back To School Poems

Back To School Poems

Back To School Poems

Back to school poems for educators and parents.

Whose Child Is This?
Author Unknown

“Whose child is this?” I asked one day
Seeing a little one out at play
“Mine”, said the parent with a tender smile
“Mine to keep a little while
To bathe his hands and comb his hair
To tell him what he is to wear
To prepare him that he may always be good
And each day do the things he should”

“Whose child is this?” I asked again
As the door opened and someone came in
“Mine”, said the teacher with the same tender smile
“Mine, to keep just for a little while
To teach him how to be gentle and kind
To train and direct his dear little mind
To help him live by every rule
And get the best he can from school”

“Whose child is this?” I ask once more
Just as the little one entered the door
“Ours,” said the parent and the teacher as they smiled
And each took the hand of the little child
“Ours to love and train together
Ours this blessed task forever.”

Bring your smiles everyone.
Hop on down for some preschool fun.
Singing, dancing, playing too; lots of fun for me and you.
Running and jumping in the sun, exercise is so much fun.
Bring your smiles everyone, hop on down for some preschool fun.

Twas the night before school started,
When all through the town,
The parents were cheering.
It was a riotous sound!
By eight, kids were washed
And tucked into bed…
When memories of homework…filled them with dread!

New pencils, new folders, new notebooks, too!
New teachers, new friends…their anxiety grew!
The parents just giggled when they learned of this fright
And shouted upstairs-…

Preschool Survival Kit

The penny is to remind you that you are valuable

The star is to remind you to always try your best

The eraser is to remind you that it’s okay to make mistakes

The lifesaver is to let you know that you can always talk to me

The tissue is for drying your tears and those of others

The band-aid is to let you know that together we can make things better

The chocolate hug is to remind you that you are cared for

The sticker is to remind you that we always stick together.

Parent Poem

Dear (Parent’s Name)

Thank you for entrusting your child to me.
I promise to do my best every day to be your child’s companion in learning.
After you have wiped your tears, make yourself a nice warm cup of tea.
Put your feet up and relax.
Then hold the cotton ball in your hand. The softness will help you to recall the gentle spirit of your child.
I will work alongside you this year to help your child grow.


Your name

With the poem, you include a travel pack of tissues, a cotton ball, and a tea bag in a ziplock bag.


By Gloria Weber Henbesst

They bring their child to me
And hope I’ll come to know
How much the offspring means to them,
Their trust in me bestowed.

They bring their child to me
With love and hope and pride,
Looking for a helping hand,
A teacher who will guide.
They bring their child to me,
And our partnership is clear:
To nurture and allow to bloom
A life we both hold dear.

They bring their child to me,
A step toward letting go
And trusting in our special plan
To help the child grow.

by Gloria Weber Henbesst

Author:  Unknown

Daycare Provider Poem

Although you’re not their mother,
You care for them each day
You cuddle, sing, and read to them
And watch them as they play.

You see each new accomplishment
You help them grow and learn
You understand their language
And you listen with concern.

They come to you for comfort
And you kiss away their tears
They proudly show their work to you
You give the loudest cheers!

No, you are not their mother
But your role is just as strong
You nurture them and keep them safe
Though maybe not for long —

You know someday the time will come
When you will have to part
But you know each child you’ve cared for
Is forever in your heart!

Author:  Unknown

When children come home at the end of the day,

The question they’re asked as they scurry to play

is, “Tell me what you did today?”

And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay.

“Nothing, I did nothing today!”

Perhaps nothing means that I played with blocks,

Or counted to ten, or sorted some rocks.

Maybe I painted a picture of red and blue

Or heard a story of a mouse that flew.

Maybe I watched the gerbils eat today,

Or went outside on the swings to play.

Maybe today was the very first time

That my scissors followed a very straight line

Maybe I lead a song from beginning to end,

Or played with a special brand new friend.

When you’re in pre-school

And your heart has wings,

“Nothing” can mean so many things!!