Back To School Ideas

We are thinking of next year already, and have decided that we are going with an outdoor backyard theme for the fall.

Outside our door, we are using paper to make a large tree and we will use brown paper to make a tree house around the tree – right in front of the board, with the caption, “Learning Adventures Inside.” We have two other boards outside our room. One will have the traditional clothesline with t-shirts with the kids names. The other is a parent board. We will make a tree around this (and behind it) and incorporate apple fabric on the board. We will title this ” The parent tree of knowledge.” Inside the room, we will incorporate other large paper trees….making everything look like a backyard.

I have a good idea for a year round bulletin board or job board for pre-k or elementary that I used last year! I found a bulletin board set that included books, pencils, and notebooks with smiley faces! I titled our job board “Booking for the ‘Write’ Helpers” and then put the children’s names on the pencils and the job titles, such as plant waterer, line leader, etc on the books. I stapled the book/job titles tot eh wall first, then mounted sticky-back Velcro to the book and then the opposite side of the Velcro to the pencils, making it easy to switch jobs!

“The sun is always shining in room 7”- I make a big circle out of yellow oaktag and draw a smiley face on it. Next, out of yellow and orange oaktag, i cut out rays with a childs name on each one. Then on the first day of school you can hang their pictures on each ray. Makes the room look very cheery!

Beginning on the First day of school, I take digital pictures of my students during each theme and special activity. I write a sentence or two about what was happening and by the end of the year each student (Parent) has a keepsake of their year in Kindergarten!

I use a checkerboard picnic cloth for the background and have the title “A new batch of students.” I have my name on a chef’s hat. and a large piece of foil for a cookie sheet. I put the student’s names on the paper cookies, and have a bowl with cookie batter and a large spoon. This is cute and easy!