Back To School Ideas

In my preschool class, at the beginning of the school year, I print each child’s name on a 5X8 index card. We use these for transitions, taking turns, jobs, etc. Pretty soon, the children recognize their as well as everyone else! If someone isn’t paying attention when their card is held up, their classmates will let them know!

“Dive in to a Great Year!” Decorate your bulletin board as an underwater ocean scene. Then cover the entire board with green or blue saran wrap going across and stapling each row of plastic at a time. You may need a little help to hold it at one end. This gives off a dramatic effect to your bulletin board!

Before Preschool starts I send home a postcard (something cute) to let them know how excited I am to have them in my class and I ask them to bring a favorite stuffed animal (for the extra security for when the mom or dad leaves on that first day of school). This also begins my theme on creation and how God made the animals. We also have a hot dog roast two weeks or so before preschool starts as our open house. I try to have lots of familiar characters for the children to color like Blue Clues or Big Bird etc….

I have a four year old, Pre-K class. Before school began I sent each of my students a card welcoming them and letting them know to expect a call from me to ask their favorite colors. After the calls, I assigned each child a color that is their personal color for the year. Using shades and different hues such as peach, lavender, and light green, each child can have their own unique color. Using their color, I can designate where their personal items go, their clothes pins they use to save their place in a center, and a “reservation” with their name printed on it to reserve their place at snack time, circle time, and for learning to spell their names. In just seven weeks of school all of the children can identify the other children’s colors and are beginning to recognize the other children’s names independently from the colors.

This year our theme was colors, so we made a bulletin board that had the phrase, “Launching A Great Year With Many Colorful Experiences” We then made children, who were holding ribbons with colorful balloons connected to them, and then we put the children’s names on the balloons.