Back To School Games

During the first few days of school, my 4-year-olds play this little game with me as a way of becoming familiar with the classroom. On the first day, I will take an object from each center-a block from the block center, a dress form the dramatic play center, a puzzle from the math & manipulative center, etc. I place the objects on our Circle Time rug and ask the students to direct me to the “home” of each object. I will walk around the room, pretending to put the item in the wrong home. The kids go wild with laughter, directing me to the right area. On the following school days I gather objects on the rug and let the children take one object at a time and find the object’s home. Then I praise them for remembering where everything belongs, and I stress that I expect them to put everything up correctly during clean-up time each day. I rarely ever find anything in the wrong “home” at the end of the day!!

A Game to learn names:

I made a bee shape from construction paper and glued it to a craft stick. His name is Hickety Pickety Bumblebee. The bee is passed around the circle as the following song is sung for each child:

Hickety Pickety Bumblebee! Can you say your name for me? (Child says name)

If needed, the teacher can help the child by saying the child’s name with them or for them.

On the first day of school I take each child’s picture…I have a digital camera so i run off 2 copies of each picture, laminate it with clear contact paper and we have our our personal classroom memory game for the kids to use all year long. Huge success!!!

During the first week of school we do an activity called ” How do we get to school?” I have pictures of buses, cars, trains, bicycles and people walking. Each child picks out the mode of transportation they used to get to school. I have a chart and the children take turns putting their choice in the appropriate place. We count the number in each category. The concepts of counting, same and different are reinforced with this activity.

During the first week of school I take a picture of each student. I then put a piece of Velcro on the back of each to use on a poster board that has a boy (drawing of a boy) column and a girl column, with a strip of Velcro down each column. Each day every child sticks his/her photo in the appropriate line and at the end we count how many boys/girls are present today? I title the poster: “Who is here today?” It helps for attendance and for counting.