Back To School Games

We have our preschool open house about a week before school begins. I place a sheet of paper our for each family and on it have 8-12 things for the child and parent to detect in the room.

The sheet of paper is labeled: Become a preschool room detective

Each family gets a paper and a small magnifying glass and discovers the room.

Some ideas on the paper maybe to 1. Find the bathroom 2. Take a drink at the fountain 3. Smile at your teachers 4. Count the puzzles 5. Check out the playground 6. Find a triangle in the room 7. Eat snack 8. Try on a hat in the pretend center 9. Find out where your coat hook with go This let’s the child become comfortable with the room before the first day of school.

During our first few weeks of school we have an open house for parents and children. The majority of the activities take place outdoors, but I have designed a scavenger hunt style game that allows the children to give their parents a tour of the classroom and other school areas. It is a positive way to impress parents with their child’s knowledge of the new environment and also helps foster a sense of belonging and ownership in the children — “This is MY school!”

Upon arrival, children and parents pick up a tour sheet with notes such as these: — Find your cubby. Can you find a friends cubby, too?

–Show your family your seat at the table. Do you remember who sits next to you?

–Show your family our bathroom. Can you sing our hand washing song for them?

–Show your family our toy cubbies. Which toys are your favorites?

–Show your family our dress up clothes. Find silly hats for your family to try on!

–Show your family our reading area. Do you have a favorite book? Do you remember what it is about?

The tour continues through the room and resource areas, ending on the playground. The children enjoy showing their families around!