Back To School Bulletin Boards

Each September we get a new group of kids coming into the classroom. We do a special bulletin board welcoming them into the classroom. This year I had a great idea.

After taking each child’s picture for their cubby, I used this picture to cut the child’s face out in a circle. I then put the picture onto a music note. So it looked like a regular music note with the child’s face as the round part of it. Then for the board itself, I put five black lines across white fade-less paper covering the whole board. I made records out of black and white construction paper and used these records for the border. I then put the music notes on the black lines so it looked like sheet music. The heading said “Look who’s Rockin’ into Homebase G (That’s the name of my class). It ended up looking great! I just had to share it.

The beginning of the year I made a Sponge Bob bulletin board. I used dark blue paper at the top and brown paper which I glued (with thinned out glue and a sponge type brush) sand to look like the bottom of the sea. In the middle I put a large picture of Sponge Bob with the saying “We Are Ready for Preschool!” Then I used clip art of various ocean animals and put the children’s names on them. I also took green tissue paper and rolled it to look like seaweed and stapled it to the brown paper.

Too cute!

“We are going on a learning adventure” I used black background, add cut outs of vehicles (since I was a safari-themed classroom, I used Jeeps), writing the child’s name on each one. Use chalk to draw a curvy road and add animal die-cuts or pictures along the sides of the road to go with your theme. E-mail me if you’d like a picture! 🙂

I use a checkerboard picnic cloth for the background and have the title “A new batch of students.” I have my name on a chef’s hat. and a large piece of foil for a cookie sheet. I put the student’s names on the paper cookies, and have a bowl with cookie batter and a large spoon. This is cute and easy!