Back To School Bulletin Boards

For September, we take Polaroid pictures of the children and place them on red apples made from card stock paper. We entitle our board “I am the apple of God’s eye”. the children enjoy looking at their pictures during the first month of preschool.

I ask the parents of my K3 students to send a picture of the child’s family to school during the first week. Each child picks his/her favorite color of construction paper and we cut out a pennant shape and tape on the picture. Then the children tell me their favorite things about each family member and I write it on the pennant. We put some “fringe” on the end of each with a contrasting color of paper and hang our pennants on the wall. Seeing their family’s picture every day makes the children feel at home.

“Dive in to a Great Year!” Decorate your bulletin board as an underwater ocean scene. Then cover the entire board with green or blue saran wrap going across and stapling each row of plastic at a time. You may need a little help to hold it at one end. This gives off a dramatic effect to your bulletin board!

This year our theme was colors, so we made a bulletin board that had the phrase, “Launching A Great Year With Many Colorful Experiences” We then made children, who were holding ribbons with colorful balloons connected to them, and then we put the children’s names on the balloons.

At our yearly open house I give each child a large cutout of a train car. I have written on it such things as:My favorite food is___________My favorite thing to do is ______________I’m scared of _______________ETC……I send this home at open house and the children are to decorate it, put a picture of of themselves, picture of mom and dad, etc.The first day of school they bring these back and I hang them around the room with my information on the engine and my assistants information at the caboose. It is very reassuring to the children when they can go to their train car and see a picture of mom and day anytime they want.