Back To School Bulletin Boards

I have a great bulletin board idea for the beginning of the school year. I have cut enough bright yellow stars to put every child’s name on and hung them on the board on a deep blue background. Then I have blue sparkling letters in the center that read “Preschool’s Bright and Shining Stars”. Every child will feel special when they see their name in the stars!

I am a first year preschool teacher. For the first day of school, I made paper wash lines with string between them. I attached all of this to the bulletin board. Next I made a shirt for each student. The shirts were made of oak tag. I them put each child’s name on a different shirt. I hung the shirts on the lines with painted clothes pins. The title of the board said “Who’s hanging out for fun and learning”. As each child came in to class, we helped them pick their own name. They then transferred the shirt to a wash line in our room. This is how we take attendance. It has proven to be a great activity for name recognition. At the end of each day, the students take down their “laundry” and place it in a small wash basket for the next day.

On the first day I take a roll of newsprint and lay it on the floor. Then I take children individually and have them step in liquid tempra ( with a bit of soap in it for easy clean-up) and ask them to walk across the paper. I have all the children do this in different fall colors. I also write the name of the child under his/her foot prints. I title it ” Stepping Into Playschool”. When dry we hang on the wall for the whole year!

I read got this idea from another site and added my own twist to it. This is a great First Day Back to school. The Title: “Our Future Looks So Bright, That We Have To Wear Shades”. Buy about five sun glasses and use a camera to take a picture of each child with a pair of sun glasses of their choice OR buy enough for the whole class for a first day of school gift. You can then cut out paper sun glasses and put your children’s pictures in the “lens” of the paper sun glasses. OR you can use one pair of paper sun glasses for each child and put their picture in one lens and “All About Me” info in the other lens. Whichever way, it will look great. You can make a nice sunny background 🙂 Enjoy!

For my helper bulletin board, I use a medium color paper as the background then using a small hand as a pattern I cut hand-print shapes out of vinyl placemats (solid colored). I take a picture of each child the 1st day of school and glue each one on a hand and put Velcro on the back. Under each helper heading (flag holder, leader, etc.) I put the other side of the Velcro to hold the hands in place for the day. At the end of the year the children get their “helping hands” I find this works very good for 2 to 5’s who may not recognize their own names or their classmates names!