Back To School Bulletin Boards

I have a great bulletin board idea for the beginning of the school year. I have cut enough bright yellow stars to put every child’s name on and hung them on the board on a deep blue background. Then I have blue sparkling letters in the center that read “Preschool’s Bright and Shining Stars”. Every child will feel special when they see their name in the stars!

We cut out a giant school bus from newsprint and painted it orange. Then we decorated it to look like a bus with enough windows for everyone’s picture. We cut the pictures out for posing and it looks just like everyone is riding the bus to school!!!!!

I have a good idea for a year round bulletin board or job board for pre-k or elementary that I used last year! I found a bulletin board set that included books, pencils, and notebooks with smiley faces! I titled our job board “Booking for the ‘Write’ Helpers” and then put the children’s names on the pencils and the job titles, such as plant watering, line leader, etc on the books. I stapled the book/job titles tot eh wall first, then mounted sticky-back Velcro to the book and then the opposite side of the Velcro to the pencils, making it easy to switch jobs!

“The sun is always shining in room 7”- I make a big circle out of yellow poster board and draw a smiley face on it. Next, out of yellow and orange poster board, i cut out rays with a child’s name on each one. Then on the first day of school you can hang their pictures on each ray. Makes the room look very cheery!

I use a checkerboard picnic cloth for the background and have the title “A new batch of students.” I have my name on a chef’s hat. and a large piece of foil for a cookie sheet. I put the student’s names on the paper cookies, and have a bowl with cookie batter and a large spoon. This is cute and easy!