Back To School Art

I did this project with my preschoolers and they loved it! You need yellow & black paint, crayons, and egg cartons. Cut egg cartons in half and give one to each child. Have them place it on the table upside down so the bumps are facing up. Have each child paint cartons yellow & black for wheels on bottom or you can also pre-cut black circles from construction paper and have children glue on bottom for wheels. When the carton dries you have a bus! When it is completely dry the children can draw (or paint) children & a driver on the bus!

During the first week of school I send a construction paper star home with each child with instructions to the parents to work together with their child decorating the star with things that are special to them. The star can include photos, drawings, words, or any other decoration that the child wishes. As the children bring them back in, they share them with their classmates in large group. They are then all displayed together on a bulletin board that is called, “Our preschoolers are special stars”. The children really love sharing their creations, the parents enjoy the activity with their child, and it also helps the class get to know each other. Teachers are also included in the activity.

At the beginning of the year our class works on cooperation activities…..i take a large poster board and divide it into individual puzzle pieces that will eventually fit back together…then each of the students decorates their own piece of the puzzle about an activity that they did over summer vacation….at circle time we share our pictures and stories and then we all work together to put our giant summer time puzzle together….four year olds just love the excitement of watching the pieces all fit together just like our class does after the first week of school.

At the beginning of the school year I have my pre-k class finger-paint a large piece of roll paper with dark colors. Then I cut out a tree shape. We hang it up in the hallway and as the seasons change, we create new leaves to put on the tree. We call it the “Family Tree” because each child takes home a leaf and decorates it with their family. In the beginning of school for fall, we decorated a fall colored leaf with family pictures. During the holiday season, we added new leaves that said what we were thankful for, and for spring, we decorated leaves with our families that show what spring means to us. The students love showing off the tree and finding their leaf. 🙂

Have students make an edible school bus during snack time on the first day of school. Give each student a graham cracker and a small cup of yellow icing. Have them “paint” the cracker yellow. Add mini Oreo’s for wheels, rice chex mix for the windows, and a red M&M for the stop sign.