Back To School Art

FRIENDSHIPS BLOSSOM HERE ! Make large construction paper flowers. Place these around the sides of the board, with large leaves. I even made tiger lilies, by creating a cone shape, glue to long black strands or paper inside, and add little pom-poms at the end. Children bring in a picture of themselves, and this is added to the board. (we have over 100 students at our site). HAVE A GREAT YEAR.

To encourage “happy faces” on my three year year olds, my beginning school theme is “Preschool Makes Me Happy”. I use happy face stickers for each child during orientation and during art they decorate a flower petal shape with Dot Paint. When dry, I glue a yellow Happy Face in the center of the flower and staple to my bulletin board with my theme. Don’t forget to add the child’s name to their happy face flowers.

Back to School Bulletin Board-

Title: What a “Grape” Bunch of New Students

The first day of school give each child a purple plate (found at party stores- or have them paint a white one purple). I prefer small dessert plates. Have them turn the plate into a picture of themselves by adding eyes, hair, a mouth, etc. Once dry, arrange the plates on the board in the shape of a bunch of grapes. Add a stem and leaves along with the title “What a ‘Grape’ Bunch of New Students”.

Before the first day of school I send my children a welcome to preschool letter and a cutout of a teddybear. I ask each child to decorate the bear and bring it to school on the first day. In circle we talk about our bears and then hang them on the bulletin board with the caption “Beary Good Friends”.

At the beginning of the year have each child bring in a t-shirt to be decorated with their handprints and apple prints. Remember to put the date on it. Do this again at the end of the year with handprints and summer things. See how much the hands and creativity level have changed. You can add height and weight for an all about me t-shirt.. you can also do this 3 or 4 times a year for a progressive growth counter…this is fun for all ages!!!

During our “All About Me” unit in our pre-k class, we trace the children’s body’s on large butcher paper and let the children color their own body tracing with all the features they feel are necessary.. Some children only put in a face, while others go to great detail coloring clothes, hair, rainbows, suns, etc. After they finish coloring their body tracing, I ask them to finish this statement, “I like me because….” I then write the statement, exactly as the child has finished it, on the body tracing. We then hang the children’s body tracings around the room (asking the children where they would like to hang there’s). This is a great way to help the children feel welcome and that the classroom belongs to them.

My first months theme is “All About Me”. The first week of school I cut out rather large simple figures of children. With buttons for eyes, markers make mouth and shoes, yarn for hair, wallpaper for pants and shirts and dresses, we “dress” the figures (teacher included). When finished we put them on our bulletin board with caption “Here We Are.”, with their pictures that I have previously taken (or supplied by parents).

My Banner

Before school starts, send each parent a large piece of construction paper.  Ask them to trace each family member’s hand on the banner and write their name next to their hand.  They can decorate their banner with crayons, markers, ribbon, colored glue, paint, stickers, photos, etc.  Ask them to send their banner in with their child on the first day of school.

The children will have a great time looking at the banners.  This also provides them with a sense of familiarity.