Back To School Art

We always have a “Meet the Teacher” night for our families. This is a come and go event where the children come and bring their school supplies and make their name tag for the first week of school. My name tags are a Ellison shape crayon, I write their name on it and they can string colored macaroni on the string. The children love to wear their nametags, and it helps us to learn their names. Also, each teacher uses a different design so we can easily identify which class a child belongs in.

T-shirt Art
Cut out shapes-Holidays, leaves, etc. out of contact paper. Stick to shirt in desired pattern. Using spray bottles, small plastic ones from dollar store, fill with the following:

One cup warm water
One teaspoon salt
One tablespoon Rit Dye Liquid

Shake lightly.   Put newspaper in the middle of the shirt so the paint doesn’t seep from front to back (waxed paper also works) Now, spray the shirt lightly around the contact paper with one, two, or more colors. Blot the contact paper parts before lifting the shirt up, so, the paint won’t drip. Then, let dry. Neat huh?

Pringles cans with lids are great for getting important notes home to parents. Clean them out well, let the child color a picture, glue or tape the picture on to the can, making sure the child’s name is visible, cover with clear contact. Voila, a good sturdy device for getting those papers to the parents.

During the first week of school I try to encourage the idea that we’re a class, a group, a team all together. I provide the children with large pieces of whites paper (any color would be fine) pre-cut in the shape of a t-shirt. The t-shirts are pre programmed with the child’s name across the top and a random number in the middle. The children can then paint the t-shirts with a contrasting color.  I use blue marker for the name and number and have the children paint with yellow paint-these are also our hometown school colors. The teacher’s shirts are done the same, with the exception under the number I write Coach and Assistant coach for teacher’s assistants. When the t-shirts are dry they can be hung up around a sign that reads: Team Rainbow Corner Pre School (insert the name of your school).