Back To School Art

On the first day of school or sometime the first week I tape a long piece of rolled paper to the wall. We line all the kids up and trace their figures on the paper…then the kids get to decorate/color their figure. We write their name above their figure and hang it in the hallway…I call it “our Class Picture” Parents thought it was a hoot!!!

For the first day craft I give the children a piece of construction paper (their color choice) and let them decorate with glue, glitter, markers. I add their name in big letters on the top. Once the creation is dry, we have them laminated and voila each student has their own place mat for snack. This is also good for the students to start recognizing their names as we don’t always have them sit in the same spot.

I send home a tree pattern the first week of school with a note asking parents to help their child create a family tree. They can do anything they want as long as it is a family project done together. They turned out great and were very creative. Some drew pictures, some cut out pictures they were all decorated different. This was our first project to go on our class art bulletin board.

With the start of another school year, only one out of my seven children in my care were going off to school. To make the other six eager scholars happy we have Mrs. Karen’s school. So the kids could proudly display their works of art on the fridge at home, we made special magnets. I don’t think it really matters what they looked like or how they were made. It was a nice way to start off the school year.

However, I used spring clothes pins and a stout magnet. I found clip art of a school house and fall leaves. The kids glue and glittered the pictures then glued the school to a square of fun-foam. After painting their clothes pin the color of their choice, the dry items were assembled for durability with hot glue. For safety reasons I did the gluing.

I make an “All about Mrs. King’s Class” big book. I make a page for each child from 1/4 of a size of poster board and title it “This is (child’s name)”. I also make one for myself. The child then takes the page home and with their mom and dad they decorate it with pictures of their family, favorite foods, colors, books, toys, etc. Since I teach 4 year olds I put a picture of myself when I was 4 on my page. When the children are done they return it to school and I laminate it and we put them all together for a big classroom book. It is our favorite book in the class.