Back To School Art

On the first day of school, I have the children marble paint on a sunshine shape. I then take each child’s picture with the child wearing sunglasses. When the sun shapes dry, I glue the child’s picture onto his/her sun and hang them up on the bulletin board. At the top of the bulletin board I write, “The future’s so bright…” The children love to see their pictures and the bulletin hints of great things to come!

For our first day of class, we have prepared ahead of time a quarter of a sheet of white construction paper. On this piece, we have written the child’s names with a white crayon (Rose Art works best!). Please press down hard on the crayon and make the name thick. Then the child is given watercolor paints and washes the paint across the page. Their name will appear before their eyes! We then mount the page on an accent color sheet of construction paper. We are a Christian preschool, so we add ” He knows my Name” to the page or use it as our header for our bulletin board. These are a favorite of ours.

Have a picture of a schoolhouse ready for craft time. Have children add doors, windows, bell, bushes and children. (Perhaps even a picture of themselves if they are off to school soon…)

At the beginning of the year our class works on cooperation activities…..I take a large poster board and divide it into individual puzzle pieces that will eventually fit back together…then each of the students decorates their own piece of the puzzle about an activity that they did over summer vacation….at circle time we share our pictures and stories and then we all work together to put our giant summer time puzzle together….four-year-olds just love the excitement of watching the pieces all fit together just like our class does after the first week of school

School Mobile

We did a school mobile. We cut a bus and a book out of paper. The children colored it and we hung it up.