Baby Curriculum Ideas

In my Baby Unit we finger-paint with baby food and taste baby food (then compare it with the older child version. Ex: applesauce or carrots).

We placed different baby objects: rattle, baby spoon, bib, bottle, diaper in a feelie box. The children reached inside and tried to guess what each item was. We then showed it to the class and discussed how babies used each one.

We talked about diapers and their use. We explained that the “fluffy stuff” helps absorb the liquid. I took apart a new disposable diaper and let the children feel “fluff”. I then put some of the stuff in a tall drinking glass or vase, about 1/3 full compressing it down. I slowly poured water into the glass , adding about 1 cup. I then slowly turned the glass over asking “Where did all the water go?” The cellulose fibers will absorb quite a bit of liquid, keep adding more water until it is saturated. You’ll be surprised how much it holds! You can pass around some of the wet material so they can see how it feels.

This is for the whole school to take part in. If you have a huge bulletin board for the whole school, ask all the teachers to bring in a childhood picture of themselves. They will need to give it to the person in charge of setting up the bulletin board only. No one else can see it. Then the person in charge can make the bulletin board and everyone can try to guess who everyone else is. This is fun for the teachers, the children, and the parents. You can leave it up for about a month, and then the following month, you can add a recent photo to it. It is a blast to watch everyone try to figure out who everyone else is.

During our baby theme, we have as many moms as possible with babies, bring them in to play with the children, and so the children can get a first hand experience of what it is like to have a baby around. The kids absolutely love it and ask many times in the next few weeks when the babies are coming back again.

For 2’s this idea is especially cute. Read books about babies, let them bring a “baby” to school (doll or stuffed animal), all the while contrasting the difference between them and babies. Let them all take a turn looking on a hand held mirror and saying “I’m not a baby” Then repeat with them all during the lesson (day) “We’re not babies” You can do a stretch and say “we’re growing big , AND WE’RE NOT BABIES”. They love it. I’m working on ideas for a book to send home with this young age with “We’re not Babies” as the title.