Baby Art

Talk to your class about how foot prints are stamped at the hospital when a baby is born. Then paint the bottom of their feet and stamp on a paper with the caption “I’m not a baby any more!!!”

Make a classroom quilt using paper squares taped together. We had the students bring in baby photos and we copied them and glued them each on a square. We also put a recent picture next to his/her baby picture to compare. You can add children’s drawing’s into the quilt and different pictures.

Have your students send in old socks from home. The children will fill the socks up with cotton stuffing. Use markers to draw eyes, nose, mouth and can use yarn to add hair, bows, etc. You can put the babies in a basket and have the students take care of them.

Finger-paint with baby lotion.

Place one or two disposable diapers in your science center along with a container of water and a few eye droppers. Let the children experiment by dropping water from droppers onto the diaper. A first lesson in absorption and great for fine motor too!