Arctic Science

Add large pieces of white Styrofoam to the water table, to be “icebergs” along with arctic animals, i.e. penguins, polar bears or even fish (to go ice fishing with) .

It can be very cold in the Arctic. I taught the children that animals in the Arctic are equipped to handle the cold temperatures because they have a layer of fat under their skin called blubber. To illustrate how blubber works you will need a large bowl of ice water and two baggies filled with Crisco. Place these baggies sealed into another baggie. Have the children immerse their hand into the water. How does it feel? Then, have them slip their hand into the “blubber” glove and then place that in the bowl of water. What is the difference? Your hand stays warm because of the “blubber ” glove! They really loved this concept!

Add large chunks of ice to the water table. Add plastic arctic animals and boats for imaginary play.