Arctic Games

Walrus Counting

Find a Clip Art of a walrus or draw one. I use the numbers 1-12 so I photocopy the picture to make 24 walruses. I then label 12 walruses with the numerals 1-12 and then draw 1-12 dots on the other walruses. Laminate for sturdiness. The students then match the numeral walrus to the dot walrus.

Feed the Leopard Seal

Draw a large seal shape on poster board. Place it on the floor and use bean bags or plastic fish to “feed” the seal. Just toss the bean bag or fish to try to land it on the seal. A penguin shape also works.

Ice Fishing:

Cut and laminate fish shapes from poster board; put a paper clip on its mouth end. Tie a string to a stick or ruler and tie a magnet (I used one with a hole in the middle) to the string. Place the fish in a large box and cover it with a sheet of Styrofoam with a hole large enough to fish through.

Preschoolers really enjoy ice fishing!

The fish may be programmed with letters or numbers for extra practice in those areas.

Penguin Size Serration
You Will Need:(5)copies of clip art picture of a friendly penguin (colored by the teacher), (5) different sizes of foam or white paper cups-(I started with plain Dixie style cups and moved my way to regular party size cups bought very cheap at a discount store).
Instructions: Prepare your penguins by gluing each penguin to a different size of cup. Using a permanent marker, label the back rim of each cup with numbers 1-5 to show size order smallest to largest. Ask a child who is visiting the math center today to arrange the penguins smallest to largest. Children can do a self check by checking the numbers on the back. Great for number order as well!