Arctic Art and Crafts

To make a fuzzy looking polar bear, first cut out a polar bear shape. Spread glue all over it with a paintbrush, then sprinkle fake “snow” all over it. This turns out to be really cute, especially if it’s put onto light blue paper and white painted snow is added on the bottom.

(I got the fake snow at the after Christmas sale – 75% off!)

Marshmallow Igloo: Photocopy a black and white picture of an igloo. Let your children cut it out depending on what level they are at. Have the children glue mini marshmallows on the igloo to decorate it. Lots of gooey fun!

sprinkle powdered tempra paint on a sheet of construction or finger-paint paper. Put an ice cube on the paper and as it melts the children can move it around and blend the colors of paint.

After reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear, have children tear out head, body, legs, tail, and ears out of white paper and glue to blue 12 by 18 inch paper. (No cutting allowed–it makes the paper look like fuzzy fur to tear it.) At another session, have the children draw and cut out nose, eyes, mouth, and claws from black paper. You will be amazed at how cute they look!