Arctic Art and Crafts

Give each child a piece of blue, black or purple construction paper.

Prepare small containers with salt in – pour it to one side – add a small amount of water.

Let the children fill their paper as much as they like. They may create a snow storm – a white out or snow people.

we learned that polar bears have black skin to help keep them warm. I gave each child a polar bear cut from black paper. They added white cotton balls to cover it with fur. You could use white yarn also.

When we studied the Arctic in my 3 year old class, we discovered that totem poles were a popular art form of northern Native Americans. After looking at lots of pictures and reading many books, we gave each child a cylinder from our local recycling center. We provided the children with googly eyes, and fun foamy shapes. They each created their own totem pole and then they were all stacked together to create our class totem pole. The finished product was taller than the children!

Baby Seals – We make baby seals with our students. Ask each child to bring a child’s white sock. Then we have the children to fill the sock with poly fill stuffing. Then take a white piece of yarn and tie off the end of the sock, or you can sew it up. Then take a marker to draw eyes, nose, and whiskers. We have also used a glue gun and added googly eyes. This is simple and the children love their baby seals.

I found a picture of a polar bear and let the children glue “fur” on it. For fur I used coconut.

NOTE FROM DAYLENE—Make sure none of your children are allergic to coconut. You can use cotton balls as a substitute.

When teaching children about winter animals, I chose to specify on arctic animals. Teach the children about polar bears, penguins, arctic fox, etc. Have the children create their favorite animal.

Activity- make a home (an igloo) for all the winter/arctic animals.

Materials: white table cloth, scissors, black marker, small round table or desks put together.


using the black marker, draw squares on the white table cloth. Drape it on the table. Cut an opening big enough for a child to crawl through. Place the students’ pictures of their favorite animals in the igloo. Each child can go in the igloo to visit their favorite animal.