Apple Science Activities


Apple Science Activities

Apple Science Activities For Preschoolers

Here are 12 fun and educational apple science activities for your students in preschool through second grade.

Cut a Granny Smith width-wise and you will see a star shape made by the seed pattern.  Children find this to be very fun. After everyone has had a chance to see the “star” you can take to seeds out and count them in English and Spanish (or whatever languages you children speak). My class enjoys learning in both languages.

“Apple Science Activities:  People”

We used this project in the fall, the kids really liked it! Use any kind of apple. Peel it carefully, try to keep it smooth. Use a knife or spoon to carve the features of a face. Make a few cuts across the forehead to give it wrinkled lines. When you have finished carving paint the head with a lemon juice and salt mixture to bleach the skin color. With string hang apple head out in a warm place for two weeks. Use long neck bottles as a body for the people stick the apple head on the neck of the bottle. Then make her clothes, teeth, hair and even give her some make-up using watercolors. This is a lot of work but so fun to look at when you were done! The kid’s think they are so funny!

At circle time discuss things that we can make to eat from apples, (applesauce, pie, baked apple, etc).
Then discuss the juice. How did it become juice? Cut up different apples into slices and have the children place them into a juicer. Have them gather around and watch as the fruit is crushed and the juice spills out. Pass out samples. Compare the FRESH juice to the store-bought juice.

Using a balance scale weigh apples against blocks or something. Then ask the children how you could let some juice out. Bring it around to peeling the apple, I use my peeler and measure the strip, so some of the juice will evaporate.

Before peeling ask the children to brainstorm what will happen when the apple is peeled. Will it weigh less? What will happen if we leave it for several days? etc.

After peeling reweigh, take out some blocks so it’s even. Then leave alone. Have the children observe and make note of changes.

The apples will lose weight by end of day.

Have the children taste different types of apples such as Macs or Granny Smiths. Make a graph to see which apple was the most well-liked.

Apple Science Activities

Cut a red delicious in half and show the children the seeds. Have each child estimate how many seeds they believe are in the red delicious. Give each child a small apple cutout and write their estimated amount in the apple. Then you can count the apple seeds and let the children see how close they were to the correct amount. You can graph these numbers and hang them on a bulletin board. It’s a great math activity as well as a science one.

Estimation Game Draw a large apple print on poster board. Cut a real apple in 1/2 and ask each child to guess how many apple prints it will take to go around the outside (perimeter) of the apple. Write their estimations on apple shaped paper and compare to actual number it takes with the children taking turns doing the prints. Next, have them guess how many prints it will take to fill the inside of the apple and let them help with the printing!