Apple Science Activities

I cut slices of yellow, red, and green apples and have the students sample each. Then we make a chart with the words, YELLOW, RED, and GREEN and each student gets to cut out and paste his favorite color apple to the chart. It’s fun to see which is the favorite and it’s a great math project.

You can have your class taste the difference between apple juice and apple cider. After they have sampled it, you can make a graph of which drink each child likes better.

Observing Apples

Cut two apples in half. On two of the apple halves, do nothing. On the other two apple halves, pour lemon juice over them. Put the apples on your science table. During the day, observe any differences. Why do you think there are differences in the apples?

Dissect An Apple Science Activities

During circle time, dissect an apple and talk about its parts:

  1.  Stem
  2. Skin
  3. Flesh
  4. Core
  5. Seeds
  6. Leaves (if you are able to pick apples from an orchard, try to save the long stem with leaves on it).Discuss the purpose of each part of the fruit.