Apple Games For Preschoolers

Apple Games For Preschoolers

Take red, yellow, or green construction paper and cut out shapes of apples. You may want to laminate them. Then, put tape on the back of them and place them on the floor. Have the kids hop from one apple to the next. This game is called the “Apple Hop.”

Make apple work mats. (I drew a big apple on either red, yellow, or green construction paper.) Then have the students use raisins as apple seed counters. Help them come up with apple seed story problems. You could also have a number written on the apple (put this in a center) and let the children count out the correct number of “seeds” that corresponds with that number.

I read the book “Ten Apples Up On Top” Then I write the number or children on slips of paper (i.e if there are 20 kids in the class I write 1-20 on different slips of paper). Each child picks a slip of paper out of a hat, bag, box…or whatever you have handy. They have to identify that number. I have a bunch of pre-cut small apples that they then have to count out the number they chose. I take a picture of each child’s face and they glue it on the bottom of a 3′ x 18′ piece of cardboard. Then the child glues on the apples on top of their head. I then laminate and put together with rings (in any order, not necessarily numerical order). We then go thru and count how many apples each child has on top. They each get to bring it home to share with their family.

This is a great project to help with number identification and counting.

Children stand in a line with feet apart. One child is the “worm” and crawls thru the “apple” (children’s feet). When the child reaches the end the next person in line becomes the “worm”.

A new spin on apple games for preschoolers!! Begin by having red, yellow, or green socks rolled up. The teacher is the apple “tree” and holds the “apples” (socks) up in the air. Then all join in saying the finger play:

Way up high in the apple tree, 2 little apples smiled at me. (teacher smiles)
I shook that tree as hard as I could, (children “shake” tree)
Down came the apples, mm mm good!!

Take turns letting the children be the apple tree.