Apple Curriculum

Sensory Table Idea

Add Cinnamon and dried apples to your oatmeal in the sensory table.

It will smell like apple pie.

Cut out apple shape with small hole in bottom corner from stiff card. Decorate, I usually print red finger painting. Then draw face on child’s finger with marker, this becomes a worm that pokes through the apple.

“Apple Of My Eye” Take a small paper plate and have the child color red, yellow, or green (or mix all 3). Then cut a stem and a leaf to glue on the top. Next take a picture of the child and cut it into a circle and glue in the middle. Write “You are the apple of my eye” on the leaf. Makes a great present for parents!

Apple pigs written and illustrated by Ruth Orbach. Cleveland : W. Collins+World Pub. Co., 1977, c1976. A family suddenly inundated with apples from a once dried-up tree finds a very enjoyable way to dispose of the surplus.

Apples by Gail Gibbons. New York : Holiday House, 2000. Explains how apples were brought to America, how they grow, their traditional uses and cultural significance, and some of the varieties grown.