Apple Curriculum

Read the children a story. Example I read the story of how the star got into the apple. After you read the story ask the children, one at the time to tell you the story back and write it down just as they say it. Only print it on the shape of the apple. Call it your apple story. The whole book will contain the real story and the story told by each child and placed in the reading center for everyone to read.

Apple printing and story:

Cut apples in half. Make sure you cut it so the “star” is showing. The seeds do make a star pattern. Dip in red paint, and print on paper. Tell or read the following story.

Once there was a little boy who went to visit his Grandmother. He was getting restless, so his Grandmother told him to go out on her farm and find a little house with no windows, and no doors, and a star inside. The little boy met his cousin. “Do you know where I can find a little house with no windows and no doors, and a star inside?” “No,” said his cousin. “Maybe farmer Jones will know.” The little boy continued to walk, he so enjoyed the country side. He looked all around him, but still could not discover what he was looking for. “Hello, farmer Jones, do you know where I can find a little house with no windows and no doors and a star inside?” “Sorry, son, I don’t know, maybe if you walk into the orchard over there, you may meet my wife and she may know.” “Thank you sir,” said the little boy. He skipped merrily into the orchard. He didn’t see the farmer’s wife. But, he heard the wind blowing. Hooooo…..hooooo! Just then an apple fell at his feet. Out of the apple came a little tiny worm. The cutest, smallest little worm that he ever saw! “Hmmm….” thought the boy. “This apple is the little worm’s home. I don’t see any windows or doors, but I don’t see a star either!” Well, he picked up the apple and went home to Grandma.” Could this be the little house with no windows and no doors?” “Why yes, it is honey. Good job.” The little boy looked sad. “But Gram there is no star!” Grandma (teacher) cuts the apple, and reveals the star. How amazing! —-Author Unknown.

This is a great math activity. I have all the children send in a couple of apples and then we take turns measuring each other. We use the apples as a ruler and see how many apples long we each are.

Buy inexpensive, thin, white paper plates. Ask children to paint one side red. Glue actual or felt leaves and a paper stem to the top of the apple. Fold a piece of green or brown paper accordion style, so that it looks like a worm popping out of the apple. On the white or backside of the plate, glue dark colored beans to look like seeds. Punch a hole in the top of the apple and hang from your classroom tree!

Take a paper plate and have the children paint it red. Then take a child’s photo and put it yellow construction paper and put it on the center of the painted red paper plate. The yellow construction paper should be in a circle shape. Have a precut brown stem. Also have a precut leaf, on the leaf write – I’m the Apple of Your Eye!