Apple Curriculum

The seasons of Arnold’s apple tree by Gail Gibbons. San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1984. As the seasons pass, Arnold enjoys a variety of activities as a result of his apple tree. Includes a recipe for apple pie and a description of how an apple cider press works.

Rain makes applesauce by Julian Scheer & Marvin Bileck. New York, Holiday House, 1964. A silly story.

Ten red apples by Pat Hutchins. New York : Greenwillow Books, c2000. In rhyming verses, one animal after another neighs, moos, oinks, quacks and makes other appropriate sounds as each eats an apple from the farmer’s tree.

Oats and wild apples by Frank Asch. New York : Holiday House, c1988. A calf and fawn meet and learn about each others’ lives, but in the end prefer to be near their mothers.

Johnny Appleseed : a tall tale retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg. New York : Morrow Junior Books, c1988. Presents the life of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, describing his love of nature, his kindness to animals, and his physical fortitude.

TEN Apples On Top

Use long pieces of paper. Have the children draw their face at the bottom. Then have them sponge paint 10 apples on top with red paint. or supply or have them cut out 10 apples…. also I made 10 apple bean bags and tried to see how many they could balance. Used a chart from 1 to 10 and added their names in the correct places….They had a blast…