Apple Art Projects

Apple Art Projects

Draw a tree with bare branches on a piece of brown construction paper using a black permanent marker. Then get a small apple stamper and stamp out apples on red construction paper. Let the child glue the apples onto the paper then attach the poem “Way Up High in the Apple Tree.” This makes an inexpensive and cute craft for any age group!

Make a huge apple out of tag board. Have children as a group paste tissue paper (red or green) to the tagboard. Then paste a real leaf and stem for the top of the apple.

I work with preschoolers who are ages 2,3, and 4. We just learned the rhyme, “Way Up High in the Apple Tree”. As an extension of that rhyme, we did an art project. I helped the child to paint their hand and wrist brown. We printed that on construction paper to represent the apple tree and trunk. Then the child dipped their finger into green paint and printed those all around the tree branches to represent the tree’s leaves. Then we used a round sponge dipped in red paint and printed two of those on the tree to represent the two little apples from the rhyme. When it was dry the children got to use a black Sharpie marker to make the apples’ faces. I cut and pasted a copy of the poem onto their paper so that the children to could take their finished apple trees and rhymes home to share with their families. It was a bushel of fun! Ü

When making apple prints by dipping the cut apple in paint and then printing it on paper, it is often difficult to get a clear print unless the apple is sliced perfectly straight. In order to make clear prints, first lay a bath towel on the table, and then place a sheet of paper on top of it. When you print with the apple (or vegetables), the towel acts as a pad and the apple will print perfectly every time, even if it is not sliced perfectly straight.

My idea is for apples. Using apple cookie cutters and paint. Dip the cookie cutters into red, yellow, or green paint and print it onto any light color construction paper.

Instead of marbles use crabapples for painting. Put a piece of paper in the bottom of a box. Coat crabapples with paint and place on the paper. Let children roll the crabapples around by shaking the box.

Good for 2-year-olds…..paint the palm and fingers of the child with brown paint and have them press a hand to construction paper to make tree branches. then they can dip a finger in red or yellow paint and dot on the branches to make “apples”.

I have the students paint the backsides of two paper plates red (or you can use yellow or green, I usually use red). After they are dry, we staple together and attach a brown or black pipe cleaner and green leaf in between the plates. I then put in some beans and finish stapling it. They make great apple shakers that we then use when we sing our apple songs!

First, trace the shape of an apple on red construction paper. Then, cut out the inside of the apple leaving like a 1 to 1 and a half inch border. Glue on a green leaf then mount the apple on clear contact sticky side up. Have children cover with tissue paper of green yellow red and hang in the windows really pretty!

Stained Glass Apples Each child brushes a lot of glue on waxed paper. Then they cover the glue with red, yellow, or green tissue paper pieces and allow to dry overnight. Peel wax paper off and glue an apple outline over the tissue paper. Trim around the apple outline and hang the apples in a window or from the ceiling of your classroom.