Ant Curriculum Ideas

You can make your own ant farm with a clear Mason jar. Punch a few holes in the lid and then take the jar w/lid, a brown paper grocery bag to a nearby ant hill. Scoop the ant hill into the jar, put on the lid, and immediately put it in the bag and close it up. Leave it alone for 24 hours, then you can put a piece of cracker and a small piece of wet sponge on top of the dirt. They will have tunneled into the dirt by now. As long you keep the sponge moist, a small piece of food on top, and the ant farm in the paper bag when the kids aren’t looking at it, your ant farm should last. It really does work once you get over your fear of messing with ants!

This game is called “Ants in Your Pants” What you need is Pants (one for each team, any size will work), Paper or plastic ants (several dozen).  What you do is locate stations as far away from each other as possible but within sight of an official. Set the timer for as long as you want, depending on the size of your group, say 30-45 seconds per team member. During this time, the player must run to the station, stuff as many ants, one at a time, into pants. When the timer goes off (or an official yells time) they return to their team and tag the next person who will repeat the activity. Play ends after each player has a turn. The winning team is the one with the most “Ants in Your Pants!”