Animal Habitat Songs

I live in a house in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood is part of the city.

The city’s in the county.

The county ‘s in the state, a part of the U.S.A.

The U.S.A is a good ‘ol place, but it’s just part of a place called earth.

The earth is spinning out id space a part of the universe.

We are small but a part of it all

(repeat 3 times)

A part of the universe!

Tune: Mulberry Bush

The barn is where the horses live,

horses live, horses live,

The barn is where the horses live,

In this great big world.

The forest is where the deer live…

The desert is where the rattlesnakes live…

The ocean is where the whales live…

You can make up additional verses with a variety of habitats–as above; or include a variety of animals from any one habitat you’re studying. For example: The rainforest is where the toucan lives…, jaguar, parrot, boa, etc.