Animal Habitat Art

During animal habitat week we make ocean in a bag. You take a zip lock bag, and add blue hair gel, sand, and real sea shells. The children get to squish it around and feel the shells. You could also add Swedish fish to the mix. It is a cool idea.

This is a 3 day project. I did this with my Pre-Ker’s. You can also use this idea with preschoolers. You can also use this idea for your Fall Theme.

On the first day, use a piece of cardboard about 6″X6″ and have the children paint it green on one side only. Let it dry.

On the second day, get out your toilet paper rolls and on one end draw lines around this end that are only about 1″ long. Give the children scissors and have them cut on these lines. This will allow you to bend the areas where they cut and glue the toilet paper roll onto the green cardboard in the middle. Give the children the glue. Tell them that they should use a little glue and tell them to find the middle of the cardboard and see what they do. Let it dry.

On the third day, fill the toilet paper roll with assorted nuts. Make sure that you do not fill the toilet paper roll full as it may be top heavy and tumble over and also there needs to be room to put the tissue paper that makes your tree. Give the children a choice of tissue paper colors. What color do they want to make their fall trees? Let them crumple the tissue paper into a ball. Stick the ball into the top of the toilet paper roll. It should stay. If it does not, you can use some glue or tape to hold it down.

You now have a Fall Tree with nuts that the squirrels will come to get and store for the Winter.