Alphabet Songs

“Which Special Letter?” (tune: “Alphabet Song”)
A – B – C – D – E – F – G,

Which special letter is for me?

I’ll find the one that starts my name.

Now you try to do the same.

We use a “letter board” with hanging die-cut letters (multiple sets!). Each student comes up and selects the starting letter of his/her name. Older students can choose their initials! We use the letter board with several different “Name” songs, but this one went over really well, maybe because it was new to them.

Cover a large pre-fab attic floorboard (2’x4′) with contac paper. Lay out die-cut alphabet letter across in lines to match phrases in traditional ABC song (1st line ends w/”G”, 2nd w/”P”). Trace letters then remove. Screw in small eye hooks to support each letter evenly (“W” takes 2 hooks, etc). Die-cut and laminate several sets of loose alphabet letters, then hang on board. Sing “What Letter Does Your Name Start With?” to tune of “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” Great ice-breaker and name-retention game for new friends. Good at end/year when 2’s and 3’s are starting to recognize their names too. (Song: “What letter does your name start with, your name start with, your name start with? What letter does your name start with? Oh, do you see it here? ‘Julie’ starts with the letter J, the letter J, the letter J. Julie starts with the letter J, so say it loud and clear: “J”!” They love it. And the teachers do too.

I work in a daycare with children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years. To teach the letter sounds to my older children I use on old rhyme I use to use when I was skipping when younger.
“A my name is Amy, my friends name is Andrew we come from Alberta and we sell Apples.”
After we have done the song a few times the children love taking turns and helping each other come up with names, places and things that begin with each letter.

I used a large piece of pre-fab attic flooring and covered w/contac paper, and made six sets of die-cut capital A-B-C’s, laminated them, punched holes in the top(s) to center each, and then hung the letters w/tiny hook-screws onto the board. The board was large enough to accommodate A-G on one line, H-P on the next, Q-V on the next, then W-Z on the last. The result is the A-B-C’s (6 of each) hung in the order of the phrasing of the traditional Alphabet Song. Several sets are necessary for all the children whose names start with the same letter — no sharing. Then we sang to the tune of “The Muffin Man:”
“What letter does your name start with, your name start with, your name start with? What letter does your name start with? Oh, do you see it here?” One/two students at a time approach the board and remove his/her letter as we all sing (for example): “Adam starts with the letter A, the letter A, the letter A. Adam starts with the letter A, so say it loud and clear: (speak) ‘A’!” Lots of preschoolers know the Alphabet song but can’t translate the letters into a tangible, recognizable character out of context. This helps them to put the two together, as well as reinforcing new friends’ names. It was extremely well-received. I even took it in to my own daughter’s kindergarten class for her teacher to use with them. Afterward, you can reinforce the Alphabet song by singing it, with the letters being pointed out by you or the kids. (By the way, I have just recently discovered this website and LOVE it. I shared it with all the teachers at my preschool!)

I Spy
I spy someone whose name starts with the letter A
Stand up, turn around,
Touch that person.
(Repeat with other peoples names.)
I spy every letter I know;
Stand up, turn around,
Give everyone a hug!