The Perpetual Preschool

Alphabet Art

Write the letter of the day/week on a piece of construction paper (at the top or top corner maybe) then have children look through magazines to find pictures of items that start with that letter. (good practice of the sound of the letter you are teaching). Let the children cut out the pictures and glue them to the construction paper.

Cut a potato in half and carve out different letters. Have the children paint with them making alphabet prints.

Buy some letter sponges and have the children paint with them.

Go to your local dollar store and purchase a set or two of alphabet stamps and stamp pads. Have the children stamp the letters. Depending on their ages, you can have then stamp their name or other words too.

On the chalk board, felt board, or paper, draw the first letter or the name of a child and ask all the children who’s name it is (who’s name starts with this letter?)

Prepare a large replica of the letter you are learning. Blindfold one child at a time and have another child hide the letter. Remove the blindfold and as the child searches for the hidden letter have the children say three or four words over and over that start with your letter (ex.Big,Blue,Bear) and increasingly louder as the child gets closer to the letter. The children have fun with this game.

After reading the story Chicka-chicka Boom Boom. At the Art table I painted a brown tree trunk, and palm trees with coconuts Or the children could help do this also. I then let the children dip Alphabet shapes into red paint, and the children made stamps on and around the tree. Our Chicka Chicka Boom boom tree was a success!! The children enjoyed it as well as the parents!!

Help the child print their name at the top of a piece of paper. Next give them a magazine to look through looking for items that start with each of the letters in their name. Glue the pictures under the correct letter.

Make alphabet soup. Cut bowl shapes from big construction paper and use letter sponges to sponge paint alphabet soup

Each day you can use a different letter. Cut out a big bubble letter of the day (or let the kids cut it out) Have the children glue on different things that start with the letter. For example: Cut the letter A out of construction paper. Let the children either glue on small red circles (for apples) or make finger print circles. We did this and although it took a long time, the children enjoyed looking at their alphabet hanging on the wall in the hallway.


Alphabet Art