Alligator Science

I just did a theme unit on alligators with my first graders. They loved it! I have a cute idea to contribute. For science, I had the children make hatching baby alligators. You take a small paper plate and have each child cut a zig-zag line across the middle. I give each child a pre-made baby alligator (on black/dark green construction paper) that each child should paint yellow stripes on. I use a brad to hold the alligator inside the egg. It allows the egg to open and close. It’s really cute! Following this activity, we discuss that baby alligators look like this when born, and we discuss where mother alligators lay eggs. We then draw a picture of alligator eggs in their surroundings. I have the first graders write a sentence about the eggs. I placed non-fiction books in my science center, and we read The Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni just for fun!