Alligator Games

Cut out an alligator (may use ellison cutters). Place down at the bottom of the page: (Child’s name’s alligator ate _____ pieces of meat. Children will glue alligator on the page. Have extra alligators labeled 1 – 10 for children to pull from a blue bowl (pond). The child tears red and black paper and glues it on the paper.

Gross Motor
Flatten a cardboard box and draw the shape of an alligator. Cut out three triangle shapes along the alligator’s spine to throw bean bags. You could paint the alligator green together and then do the bean bag toss the following day. We taped the box so the flaps of the box were close to the ground. The children really enjoyed searching for the missing bean bags.

Here is a group gross motor activity game I did with my preschool co-op. You need a large blue tarp, sheet or felt etc. Place an alligator stuffed or plastic on sheet. Children form a line behind. As you cross the swamp you chant I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking across the swamp. I hope that alligator doesn’t go chop. At this time you and the children make a alligator chomping gesture by bringing arms and hands down together. Continue by interjecting other movements such as: I’m swimming, I’m swimming, I’m swimming across the swamp. I hope that alligator doesn’t go chomp. Can also do tip toeing, jumping etc.