Alligator Art

I run a pattern of a alligator with his mouth open onto green construction paper. If the children are old enough to use scissors they cut him out or otherwise I do it for them. I let them glue sharp white teeth (they cut or you can pre-cut) in his mouth and add large wiggle eyes, he’s so silly and the kids love him!

A is for alligator. I use the alligator when we start the alphabet. This is a two day project. Give each child an egg carton that has been separated. Turn the egg cup upside down for the alligators teeth. The children paint the teeth with white tempera paint. Using top half of the egg carton glue two single egg cups about half way up. These are the alligators eyes. Paint the entire top green. When dry, attach the top to the bottom using a small piece of green felt. The alligators mouth can open and shut. You can have the children paint on or glue on eyes. I use white precut ovals and black centers. After the alligators are complete you can discuss alligator in science area using pictures of alligators and their environment. Big Back Yard books are great.

The teacher should provide each child with an alligator shape. The child may cut it out with their own scissors if they are able. If not, the teacher should cut it out. Then it can be painted with thick green or brown paint. After painting, sprinkle with an appropriate color of sand, salt, or even glitter to add texture. Our children love these projects because every masterpiece is different!