All About Me Songs

(first few days of school song) instructions: one child stands up while song is being sung

(Where is Thumbkin tune)

where is ___name____ where is ____name____
there he/she is there he/she is
how are you today sir
very well I thank you
sit right down , sit right down.

I use the same idea from about singing a child’s name to the tune of bingo, only I use it to teach the children how to spell their names. I use theme related cards with a child’s name printed on it. I hold up the name and the child takes it and puts it in the pocket chart. We sing their name to bingo and they love it! It makes name recognition very easy.

What’s On A Face Here’s a face, Now let’s begin. It has two ears, A nose and chin. A mouth, two eyes, With a bushy brow. What’s on a face? We all know now! this belongs to Dick Wilmes use your fingers and point to the places on the face as you say them.

A topic on family. We did a finger play called “This is my family.” It goes like this, This is my mother (Thumb) This is my father (Pointer) This is my brother tall (Middle) This is my sister (Ring finger) This is the baby (Little finger) Oh, how we love them all. (Clap left hand over all fingers just indicated)

Another finger play we do is called “Mother’s knives and forks.” Here are mother’s knives and forks (Fold hands, and wiggle your fingers.) Here is father’s table (Hands lay flat stop wiggling) Here is sister’s looking glass (Pointer fingers touching up high) Here is baby’s cradle (Keep fingers previously mentioned up, and add your little fingers up with them.)

We also did “Grandma’s glasses.” These are Grandma’s glasses, This is Grandma’s hat This is the way she folds her hands, and keeps them in her lap.

(As you do Grandpa, talk louder and deeper) Here are Grandpa’s glasses, Here is Grandpa’s hat. This is the way he folds his arms and takes a little nap.