All About Me Songs

If I were a butterfly I’d thank you then for giving me wings.
If I were a robin in a tree I’d thank you then that I could sing.
If I were a fish in the see I’d wiggle me tail and I’d giggle with glee.

(r) But I just thank my parents for making me me. OH, You gave me a heart and you gave me a smile, you gave me freedom and you made me your child. But I just thank my parents for making me me!

If I were a kangaroo you know I’d hop right up to you.
If I were an octopus I’d thank you then for my fine hooks.
If I were a wiggle worm I’d thank you then that I could squirm.


If I were a fuzzy wuzzy bear I’d thank you then for my fine hair.
If I were a crocodile I’d thank you then for my great smile.


I teach two and half to three year olds and we love to sing this song at circle time. It is great for introducing new students. It goes like this:

My name’s Ms Laura, Ms Laura, Ms Laura,
My name’s Ms Laura and who are you.

You then point to whomever is sitting next to you and go around the circle until everyone has said their name.

This is an adaptation of another song I got from the All About Me section.  My 3 year olds love singing this with hand motions.

I Am Special (tune of Frere Jacques) I am special (point to yourself) I am special Don’t you see? (make binoculars with your fingers) Don’t you see? Someone very special (hands out to the side, palms up) Someone very special ’cause God (point to heaven) made me (point to yourself) God made me!

Get a bunch of paper place mats put each child’s name in the center of each place mat. Put things that start with the first letter of that child’s name on the mat. (laminate) During circle time, show each  child their mat as you sing:

I know a boy and this is so
And Kevin is his name O’
k.e.v.i.n. Etc,,, (tune of Bingo)

Later, before lunch. have the children sit down and pass them out, or place them where you want each child to eat.

I Am Special (tune: Frere Jacques)

I am special, I am special. So are you, so are you. We can work together, We can play together, While we’re at school. While we’re at school.

(I change the last two lines to “at preschool, at preschool.”)