All About Me Songs


(Words and Music: Hap Palmer)
©Hap-Pal Music, Inc.

I have hands, I have hands

Watch me clap, watch me clap

Oh, what a miracle am I

I have feet, I have feet

Watch me stamp, watch me stamp

Oh, what a miracle am I

Chorus: Oh, what a miracle

Oh, what a miracle,

Every little part of me

I’m something special

So very special

There’s nobody quite like me

I have arms, I have arms

Watch me swing, watch me swing

Oh, what a miracle am I

I have legs, I have legs

They can bend and stretch, they can bend and stretch Oh, what a miracle am I Repeat Chorus I have a spine, I have a spine It can twist and bend, it can twist and bend Oh, what a miracle am I

I work in the Head Start Program & to get children happy I sing to them as they transition to go wash. I sing,” You are my Sunshine” using their names. Julie you are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You never know Julie how much I love you, (& miss you!). Please don’t take my Julie away!

For a Christian preschool:
I am special, I am special, Don’t you see? Don’t you see? God made me special, God made me special, cause he loves me, he loves me.

to the tune of Frere Jacques

This song was at Boston Avenue long before I came and I’m not sure of it’s origin. It’s called “God Loves Me” and the children/parents love it!
“God Loves Me”
God Loves Me x’s 2
In My Bible Book it says that
God Loves Me

Using the tune “Michael Rowed a Boat Ashore”, we sing phone numbers.
Ex. 555-2323 is my phone number.
555-2323 is my phone number.