All About Me Science

To demonstrate the senses of taste and smell, I do a series of taste tests (one per week).

I do blindfolded taste tests of bite-sized bits of food, a drink test of small amounts of liquid (such as apple juice, lemon juice, sugar water etc). I also do a baby food taste test. I do a taste test where the child is blindfolded and first tries all of the foods while holding their noses and then tries them again after smelling each food before tasting it (this works best with foods that have distinctive smells such as oranges, chocolate, and beef jerky etc.)

An idea for examining body differences is to paint the bottom of each child’s left foot (or right if you prefer) and then place their foot onto a large piece of heavy paper. You can examine differences in size, shape, and (if the paint is just the right consistency) you can study the lines in the big toe just as you would in a fingerprint. Be sure to have a bucket of warm soap water and lots of towels by your side for washing off paint after making the child’s print.

During the first weeks of school is great time to do this activity. Have the children work in group of three or four. They will need string small sandwich Ziplocs and scissors. Let the children measure one another. Demonstrate with a small group first. Someone needs to lie on the floor. One child should hold the string at the bottom of the shoe of the person lying down. Another should stretch the string to the top of this person’s head. The third (you’ll need an adult to supervise) should cut the string at this time. The children can hold up their string and say “Fe fi fo fum, look how call I have become!” I then place this poem in a Ziploc bag and the children can take home this string and share it with there family.

Measure each child’s height and make a green strip of bulletin board paper that height. Each child makes a flower with a picture of their face in the center. Talk about things that grow, tallest/shortest, etc.

Objective: To make the connection between the different areas of the body where the senses are and their own bodies.

Steps: 1) Have each child lay down on large piece of paper and trace their body. 2) Give each child a green sticker and tell them to put it on the place where they have their sense of smell. 3) Continue with different colored stickers until you have covered all five senses.