All About Me Games

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I take a picture of each child’s face and shoulders and ask for double prints when they are developed. I cut them out into 2″x2″ squares and laminate them onto oak tag or cardboard. I’ve also printed out their faces on my computer by getting a picture CD when developing. By using the computer I can add their name to their picture.

This is a game called “Hide the Child”.  Sit in a circle. One child is picked to go outside the room with your assistant. Now, one child is picked from the circle to hide under a blanket in the middle of the circle. The child and assistant come back in and that child has to guess which of the children is under the blanket (the real fun is trying to keep the others from telling).

This idea was presented by a speech pathologist at my school and the children really enjoyed it! First, you will need two large (hand sized) wooden cubes to use as dice. Next, glue pictures (or find stickers) of various body parts on the sides of the cubes. Each child takes a turn rolling the cube. Use the following song to correspond with the body part rolled: (to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”) When __child’s name__ rolls the dice, we touch our __body part__, repeat, When ____ rolls the dice, we touch our ____, we reach up high! When ___ rolls the dice, we touch our ___.

Pick one child out of the class. The rest of the class stand. Choose an attribute about this child (a girl). If you are a girl remain standing. If you are a boy sit down. Choose another attribute about the came child (long hair). If you have long hair remain standing. Keep playing until you have one or a few children with the same attributes.

I play a game with my preschoolers for my All About Me unit. I call it Bones, No Bones. After discussing how bones help us move, we sit in circle and I describe an animal. “It has long ears, four legs and hops!” The children guess the animal, then they demonstrate how the “bunny” hops…with bones and with NO BONES! When I say NO BONES, the child collapses on the floor in a heap of giggles. We all love this game!