All About Me Curriculum Ideas

I have a small suit case that each child is able to take home. I ask them to fill it with things that are special to them from their home. They must be able to fit their special items in the suitcase. When the child returns for class ( I teach preschool 2 days per week in my home) he/she is allowed to sit on my lap during circle and show off their goodies. All the children love being able to take my special suit case home.

Make a book for each child by folding 11 X 17″ white construction paper in half and stapling the center. On the front, I wrote, My All About Me Book. All pages were fill in the blanks. Page one: I am a ____ (boy or girl.) You fill in the blank for the child. Page two: I weigh ___ pounds. I took my scale to school and weighed them. Page three: I am ____feet ___inches tall. Yup, I measured them, too. Page four: My hair looks like this. The child draws his or her hair. Page five: My hand looks like this. I traced around their hands. On each page, have the child illustrate the writing. Encourage them to draw something, even when you get the “I can’t” answer. Parents loved these!