All About Me Curriculum Ideas

All About Me Books In my Pre-K class we do a year-long project called our All About Me books. During the first week of school the children do their cover. This is a mosaic name. Each child’s name is traced out in white crayon and they glue little pre-cut squares of multi-colored construction paper on to each letter until their complete first name is spelled out. If their name is extremely long they may need a little help so as not to become frustrated. I will usually start at the last letter and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle! Our first page would be a photo and “theme” item from our first day. It then is divided in half-pages ~ 1 side is September’s self-portrait and the other is June’s self-portrait. You’ll be amazed at the difference, and how much their drawing has matured. Next would be family, handprints, weigh & measure. You can include special drawings of activities or class projects throughout the year. Example: Teddy Bear Picnic, Christmas Program, classroom tree, etc. They can really grow. you’ll have to decide what you would want included in them. Usually the last page is an autograph page that the children themselves sign right before school’s ending. The book is kept in school until graduation in June, tied with ribbon and then sent home. During my 20 years as a pre-school teacher I have had many parents leave our graduation tearfully as they turned the pages through their child’s book. It is a cumulative project that really is a sweet momentum of their Pre-K year.

I measured each of the children with adding machine paper twice a year. They color/decorate it however they want and I write their name and the date on it. You can send them home with a note that you will do it again in six months, or keep it in their portfolio and send them both home at the end of the year.

I make a border that says “All about Me!” I cut out paper the size of business cards. Under the border I put each child’s name going across. Each day we add a piece of paper under their name. What my favorite color is, what my favorite food is, who I like to play with, my favorite song. . . We do this until we have no more room. We like to read them at circle time. It helps the children to get to know each other.

During “All About Me” in our classroom, we have the parent write a letter to the child about the day he/she was born. (i.e.. how they felt, the kind of day, who was present, what they looked like, etc.) We then mount the letter onto a piece of construction paper along with a baby photo of the child. It is a large success. The children enjoy hearing about the day they were born.

I teach pre-k at the Buttons and Bows daycare. In the beginning of the school year I hand out an “All about Me” paper for the children to fill out. Their favorite color, book, song, T.V. show, thing to do. I ask if they have any pets and ask the kids to finish the sentence My Family Is… (example fun to be with). They bring in pictures of themselves and pictures with their families. About every two weeks I feature a “Student of the Week”. The kids think it is great to see things about them cut out of construction paper and hung on a special board. It’s great self esteem for the kids to talk about themselves.