All About Me Curriculum Ideas

Tell the children that you have one of the most important people in the world inside your special box. Have the children take turns guessing who it is. Then allow them one at a time to look inside the box. (Inside the box you put a large mirror, so when the children look inside they see themselves.) After they have all had a turn looking inside the box, ask them the question again. Explain to them that they each are one of the most important people in the world because they are unique/different and that their is no one else in the world just like them. That is what makes them very special.

For the children to create a body, the first day use a paper plate for the face. On the second day the children put together pre-cut hands, arms, neck, etc. to form a body. On the next day cut out some clothes and dress the body (with material and buttons).

This bulletin board is called “Who’s Who?” Divide the board in half. On one side put a recent photograph of each child. On the other side put up each child’s baby picture (the younger the better) sent in by the parent. The children, parents, and other teachers have a ball trying to figure out who’s who.

Cut out pictures of things you find in a house. On a large sheet of paper draw line down and across to make four rooms. Name the rooms and have the children glue the objects into the right room. Our group of two to four years olds love it!

We are making paper cubes for each member of the child’s family and attaching pictures cut out of catalogs/magazines (moms, dads, kids, babies…). Then each child will have a little “block family” to play with. (Next week we are making houses out of cardboard boxes – the two projects could be done as part of one unit and go together.)