All About Me Curriculum Ideas

During our “I Like Me!” theme, I read the children the book “We Are All Alike…We Are All Different”. I then ask the children to use watercolors to paint their faces. Cut them out and save. Have the child’s trace and cut their handprints. Arrange faces into one large continuous circle. Then arrange the child’s handprints underneath the faces to form their own continuous circle. Write the book title to complete the board.

Each year I make an “All About Me” book. Each month I save at least 1 example of their work. I use handprint art, etc. to make it unique to each child. Then I bind the book together for the presentation of it to their parents at the end of school.

For a different idea for a family tree we had the children pick out small branches on a nature walk. Then we used clay to anchor each one in a small margarine tub. Then we sent home a note to each family to send in various small items that we could hang on our “trees” that had to do with what their families liked to do or their interests. It could be pictures from magazines showing favorite foods or things they liked or it could be small objects. We then hung them on each individual tree or put them at the base of the tree if they couldn’t be hung. We had them on display for an open house with each family name on display along with their own “family tree”. Needless to say everyone thought they were adorable!

Our class developed a cookbook made up of recipes from our grandparents. We sent home a form to each family and they could submit as many recipes as they wanted that were passed on by their grandparents. On the form they had to either attach a picture of that grandparent or the child could draw a picture of them. They also had to list the recipe and a short memory about that recipe. We compiled all the recipes in a ring binder and made copies for all those who requested one. We had 22 children in the class and ended up with more than 45 orders for our book. It was a big hit with everyone.

For a Christmas activity we made a Christmas Tradition book. Each family had to submit something that was a tradition for their family, it could include anything even a special recipe that they made every year. The children enjoyed hearing everyone’s different traditions.